Opening Hours

Mon - Sun: 11AM - 8PM

Whitening Facial

Make Your Skin Glow Instantly & Revamp Your Dull Tired Skin With Instant Glow Boosting Treatment.

Organic Fruit Facial

Make Your Skin Glow & Nourished With Natural Benefits Of Fruits. Our Organic Fruit Facial Treatment Will Make Your Skin Soft, Nourished & Glowing .

Skin Radiance Facial

Banish All Skin Dryness & Dullness At One Go With Instant Skin Radiance Facial. It Infuses Natural Gleam Into Skin & Offers Pearly Softness & Radiance.

Gold Rust Facial

Give Your Skin A Natural Golden Shimmer With The Benefits Of 24K Gold Infused Gold Lust Facial. It Will Help Boost Your Complexion, Add Natural Glow & Also Provide Natural Anti-Ageing Benefits.

Tightening And Firming Facial

Make Your Skin Firm, Young & Taunt By Our Tightening & Firming Facial. Specially Designed To Recuperate Lost Skin Elasticity & Tautness. It Helps Infuse Hydration & Brightens Complexion.