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“Mirror mirror on the wall, what’s the cure to my skin amongst all?”

If only finding the right fit for your skin was this easy. We understand how exhausting it may get trying to find a remedy and that is why we at Keya Seth decided to dive deep into the depths of the ocean.

What if I tell you, there exists a magical weed that works wonders not only for acne problems but also hydrates your skin leaving behind a natural dewy glow. Are you ready to unravel the Chamber of Beauty Secrets? Cause we are.

SEAWEED is the ultimate answer to all your prayers. But what exactly is “Seaweed”? To give an overview, seaweed refers to thousands of species of macroscopic, marine algae that grow in colonies in our oceans and is a natural source of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. “Seaweed is perhaps the most beneficial and abundantly available natural ingredient for skincare on the planet” – says Sarfati, who’s believed to introduce seaweed-based skin treatments in the United States.

Now that we know what exactly seaweed is let’s talk about all the goodness it holds within.

▪ Hydration: It is enriched with Vitamin A as well as humectants that absorb moisture from the environment.

▪ Anti-aging : Seaweed is full of Vitamin C which further promotes collagen production and helps you skin stay youthful.

 ▪ Anti-inflammatory : Seaweed also contains antioxidants, which may protect the body from oxidative stress and reduces inflammation and puffiness at the cellular level.

▪ Keep skin conditions like rosacea under control: Rosacea is a condition that causes redness and often small, red, pus-filled bumps on the face. Using seaweed based products not only soothes the skin but also helps it fight skin irritation & inflammation.

▪ Fights pigmentation: Seaweed contains niacin, which helps the skin to brighten up and also helps combat hyperpigmentation.

In a nutshell, it is exactly what your skin needs and that is why Keya Seth has brought a premium range of facials using seaweed based products customised for your own needs. There was once a time when facial was synonymous to luxury but now it is something which is available in abundance, just how it should be.

Influencers and self-help coaches are often talking about “Self Love” and how you should pamper your skin, your body. And what better way to spoil yourself than a relaxing facial that feels like a gust of fresh air to your tired muscles.

Facials generally compromise various cleansing practices including steam, cleansing, toning, exfoliation, extraction & massage. Self-care rituals give a prime focus to facials because of their after effects dermatologically as well as psychologically.

The time we’re in right now, it isn’t normal. These are tough times and stress build up is quite natural.

You may not notice but there’s a certain glow when you’re happy and when something goes wrong, your face droops down. You see how your facial muscles react to stress. 

Stress causes changes to the proteins in your skin and reduces its elasticity gradually but dramatically. This loss of elasticity is the sole reason behind wrinkles on your face & frown lines on your forehead. There are numerous cases where we have seen a direct link between the mind & the skin. This new area of collision is called psychodermatology.

Enough of the stress talk. Now let’s talk about how you may knock it off.

Book yourself an appointment at Keya Seth Medi Spa. *wink wink*

Okay, that was cliché but one hundred percent true. What better than looking in the mirror and falling head over heels in love with yourself? Imagine giving an hour of uninterrupted personal attention, relaxing ambiance and sixty minutes of pure bliss while our experts release the tension off your face.

We at Keya Seth decided to blend the richness of seaweed in an extensive facial regime to give your skin the love it deserves. Too good to be true, right?

But it’s not. Let me walk you through some of the BUTs & IFs that might come rolling your way.

▪ “But this is too expensive”

This had been one of the areas that received a major chunk of our focus. Why? Because we wanted it to be available to all. After all everyone deserves a date with themselves.

▪ “What if my skin breaks out?”

Well, everything in this regime is natural and aims at healing your skin. Seaweed is extracted directly from the lap of nature and is used with the minutest of alterations. The masseuses are experienced, well trained and hold expertise in what they do.

▪ “Oh! But I don’t have time for this.”

This one’s true. But you know what else is true? You’ll never have enough time. You’ll always be busy like a worker bee. But in order to excel, you need to rest like a queen bee.

▪ “Would it be safe? After all COVID isn’t over yet.”

Keya Seth isn’t just a brand. It’s a family formed by years of trust, credibility and loyalty. With the pandemic setting it’s foot all around the globe, we have sanitized the entire floor including the decor. Masks have been made mandatory and social distancing is practiced at its best. 

So ladies, do not hesitate to pamper yourself with some extra attention. After all you’re your first priority and we want you to feel the same. So come around and soothe your nerves with our world class services. We’ll make sure that when you leave, you have a smile across your lips & clam beneath your skin.

Write to us in case of any query/feedback or criticism. We strive to make Keya Seth better & bigger with each day and we do it with your help.

You can also reach out to us on our Facebook or Instagram page.

Till then, eat fruits, stay hydrated and sleep well.

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