Opening Hours

Mon - Sun: 11AM - 8PM

Chinese Traditional Stone Massage

Relax Your Stressed Muscles With Water-Heated Basalt Stones & Feel The Warmth Of Comfort With Deep Sensations & Massage.

Body Polishing

Exfoliate Your Body Skin & Make It Breathable Leaving It Fresh, Smooth, Moisturized & Soft.

Balinese Boreh

Indulge Into The Ecstasy Of Skin Rejuvenation By Removing Dead Skin Cells & Stimulate The Blood Circulation For Better Skin Nourishment.

Swedish Massage

Revive The Body Muscles, Bones, Lymphatic Systems, Skin, Adipose Tissue, Nerves & Metabolism With The Most Popular Body Treatment In The World.

Gemo Therapy

Relax, Rejuvenate & Redeem Your Body Health With A Form Of Massage Based On Homeopathic Drainage Utilizing Extracts Of Embryonic Tissues From Fresh Plants Like Buds, Young Sprouts Or Rootlets.

Slimming / Weight Loss / Spot Reduction / Inch Loss (Tucks) / Therapies

Get Tight, Firm & Toned Thigh, Arm, Tummy & Hip Tucks Along With Figure Correction For A Defined Body Structure.

B- Line

Reshape & Beautify Your B-Line By Shaping & Firming.

Special Inch Loss Therapy

Reduce & Retouch Your Body To Get A Firmed & Toned Look.


Our All Services Are Done Under Consultation Of Nutritionist & Lifestyle Couch For A Better Healthy Life After Service. Results May Vary As Per Body Type, Therefore Sessions May Vary Accordingly.