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Born to an eminent Bengali Family from Kolkata, my childhood was simple but never boring. Starting from National Level Swimming Championship to solo painting exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts at the age of 17, my unyielding commitment towards excellence has shaped my life throughout. As time progressed, my love for art took a turn towards making people beautiful. This is when I was introduced to Aromatherapy. Learning Aromatherapy, re-introducing the concept of Aromatherapy in India by establishing Keya Seth Aromatherapy has been one of the most acclaimed work of my life.

I started my journey from Priyodorshini, a small parlor in my home. Though humble, Priyodorshini, my first venture, will always have a special place in my heart. There was a lot of work to be done before Keya Seth Medi Spa could come into being. I wanted my Medi Spa to be a destination for complete rejuvenation, a destination where I could deliver my dream of making people beautiful with utmost precision. I also wanted to introduce the people of Kolkata to the International standard of beauty services & meeting my own expectations came as the biggest challenge in all that. One vital aspect of Keya Seth Medi Spa has always been to strive for the best in the industry; be it the infrastructure or the service providers, my Medi Spa has always rooted for the best. I foundedthe first Keya Seth Medi Spa at one of the most prominent locations of Kolkata. With the progress of aesthetic treatments in the world beauty industry, I brought the international infrastructure for cutting-edge aesthetic & trichology treatments to Kolkata, Keya Seth Trichology & Aesthetic was formed. Bridal grooming & makeup has always been a vital aspect of Keya Seth Medi Spa but I constantly felt the need of an exclusive studio to perfect the special day of couples, to give them expansive choices under one roof.I picked the interior & set-up of my Bridal Studio very carefully to align it with my motto. Every member & staff of the Keya Seth Medi Spa family necessarily imbibe the ethos of delivering the best to ensure maximum satisfaction of our guests.